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The Swiss electronic vaccination record

We are celebrating:
- More that 200'000 vaccination records!
- More that 4 millions of secured vaccines!
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Vaccination record

Create and manage your own electronic vaccination record for free. Define which vaccines are useful to you or not, depending on your personal situation and the recommandations of the swiss immunization plan.


Protection check

See immediately whether you are well protected or whether you are missing certain vaccines. Choose the doctors or pharmacists who you will authorize to validate or complete your vaccination record.


Travel safely

You are planning a trip abroad?
Check what vaccinations are required!


  • we don't keep this important information on a piece of paper, we save it...
  • we don't always know where we have put our vaccination record...
  • a doctor consulted in an emergency, or when away from home, doesn't know our vaccination record...
  • if we lose our vaccination record, we sometimes have to be revaccinated when we don't really need to be...
  • we want to be able to choose our vaccinations according to our personal situation...
  • we don't always remember that a vaccination is due in a few months' time...
All these reasons have led to the development of the Swiss electronic vaccination record, to enable you to manage your own vaccinations... even if your doctors or pharmacists naturally remain the best people to advise you!


To do all this via your smartphone (iPhone/Android), download the application myViavac in the App store or on Google Play!